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Version 1.00


TiROS (Tickless Real-Time Operating System) is a pre-emptive priority based real-time task-scheduler. It can be used by developers to facilitate multi-tasking on microcontroller based embedded systems that have very limited resources.

It is available under a modified GPL license (eCos open source license) that allows it to be used for commercial purposes at no cost. It requires less than 200 bytes of RAM for typical uses (Exact number is dependent upon number of tasks and hardware). Thus it can be used where sophisticated free OSes like Linux or eCOS cannot be used. It is more closely comparable in features and resource usage to FreeRTOS. At the same time, it provides real-time capabilities and other features that are useful in an embedded system.

Hardware Support

TiROS is written in "C" and is designed to be easy to port to different hardware. The hardware-specific portion of the operating system is separated into a HAL (Hardware Abstraction Layer). The current version of TiROS is available with three HALs;

Detailed Description

  1. Getting Started with TiROS.
  2. Programming Guide
  3. Mutual Exclusion (Mutex) Implementation.
  4. Hardware Support
  5. License.

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